One Minute Birdwatching

Monday 5th May 2014


Holly Rumble led a series of One Minute Birdwatching sessions around Girton. These events were for everyone to join in: knowledge of bird names isn’t necessary, just a sharp pair of eyes. The sessions are like a game, with simple rules:

1. Start when instructed
2. Whenever you see a bird say either its name (if you know it), or ‘bird’ (if you don’t)
3. Name every bird you see
4. Stop when instructed

The resulting audio tracks are below. Thanks to everyone who took part, and to the swallows that turned up in the last session!


Photograph courtesy of Lesley Rumble.


1. 10.00am Thornton Close – East corner by footbridge

woodpigeon, great tit, skylark, robin, chaffinch, bird

2. 10.30am Girton College – Woodland Walk, Girton Road car park entrance

woodpigeon, magpie, crow, blackcap, wren, starling, robin, chaffinch, bird

3. 11.00am Wellbrook Way – nature reserve at the far end

jackdaw, starling, magpie, chiffchaff, blackbird, robin, woodpigeon, wren, bird

4. 11.15am Wellbrook Way – pond behind Abbeyfield

chaffinch, starling, crow, bird, robin, woodpigeon, bluetit

5. 11.30am Girton Road – bridge over A14

crow, bird, rook, jackdaw, woodpigeon, bluetit

6. 12 noon Woody Green – Town End Close nature reserve

crow, woodpigeon, chaffinch, blackcap, bird, wren, starling, magpie, bluetit

7. 12.15pm Washpit Lane – by the bridge

bird, woodpigeon, blackcap, wren, blackbird, crow, robin, chaffinch

8. 12.30pm Church Lane – Hibbert Ware Garden, opposite the church

dove, bird, crow, pigeon, robin, hedge sparrow, starling, blackcap, blackbird

9. 12.45pm Recreation Ground – North West corner, behind the church

magpie, woodpigeon, bird

10. 1.00pm Ten Acre Field – North, at start of Girton/Histon footpath

bird, robin, blackbird, swallow, woodpigeon


If you couldn’t make it on the 5th, you can still take part by recording your own One Minute Birdwatching anywhere in Girton. You can use the voice recorder on a mobile phone, and send the digital file to You can even use an old dictaphone: just drop off the tape at GTC Office, labelled with your name and address. Let us know when you did your birdwatching, where it took place, and the number of people involved. All recordings will be online by September 2014.

Holly Rumble has performed ‘One Minute Bird Watching’ at the Edinburgh Festival, in Japan and in Finland.