Passing Through and Settling

July Report

By Holly Rumble


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Bird Drawing Challenge on 12th July! The project aim was to draw a picture of every bird species that had been spotted in Girton, from a list contributed by BirdLife International. There were about 130 species, and we managed 62 drawings. A few extra birds have been allocated to some people who couldn’t make it on the day. Our youngest contributor was aged 1: proof that all you need is a willingness to give it a go. There are still just over 50 birds to draw, and the event was so enjoyable that I think I will repeat it in some form in the Autumn, perhaps as part of the Big Draw. The drawings are soon to go up onto our website, and will be exhibited in October.


I am leading a session with Cambridge Academy of English students on 23rd July, where we will teach each other the names of birds in our respective languages. That evening, the wallhanging group will meet at 7.30pm at Orchard Close. A number of squares have already been finished, with some beautiful embroidery.

The next day I will be working on a project with some of the Girton Youth Group, taking a long walk through the village footpaths.

Just a reminder: if you have planted a sunflower in your garden and wish to be included in the sunflower trail please email me a photograph of the sunflower, with your address, so I can plot it onto a map. Photos submitted by 31st August will be entered into a prize draw for gardening goodies, and there will be a prize for the tallest sunflower. Email me to enter.