Passing Through and Settling

August Report

By Holly Rumble

The second half of July was very busy: the wallhanging group met on 23rd July and most people had either a completed square or a significant work-in-progress. There are some lovely photographs on our website here, and the next meeting is on Monday 8th September.

The next day I met up with seven members of the Girton Youth Project. We spent the morning drawing and cutting stencils in Cotton Hall, on a theme of woodland animals. The aim was to construct a new temporary space for painting in the heart of the Girton Wood. We had previously discussed methods of non-destructive graffiti, and one suggestion stuck: that of painting directly onto clingfilm stretched between trees. We set out to find a spot where the trees were open enough to give us the space we needed: thankfully, the somewhat regimented planting pattern of the woodland worked to our advantage. Over the next few hours we painted each side of the clingfilm, where everyone was given space to do their own work in relation to the construction as a whole. There are some incredible artists in the group. Then, at the end, the entire work was cleared away in a matter of minutes! Visit the website for photographs.

I also met the 14-16 year old summer school students at Cambridge Academy of English, talking about the Passing Through and Settling project, and specifically asking the students to teach each other common bird names in their own languages. I hope to use these words in conjunction with the bird drawings from the 12th July to make a ‘Girton Bird Guide’ later in the year: ‘bird’ is ‘ptitsa’ in Russian, ‘pajaro’ in Spanish, ‘lintu’ in Finnish, and ‘tori’ in Japanese.

The sunflower trail is coming together nicely. If you would like to submit a photograph for the map then please have a look at this page:

Looking forward to September we have the Candle Lit Labyrinth on the 23rd, at 7pm on the recreation ground.